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Spark plug wires ™

Extremely durable wires to withstand high heat, extremely low temperatures and high voltage. Designed to remain flexible and ideal for use even in tight angles. Quality insulation with oil, fuel and sand resistant outer PVC coating. Multi-Strand Copper Core Technology to provide full power to the spark plugs. It allows to quickly light the spark plug even in extremely low temperatures with saving fuel and improving engine performance. Suitable for most cars, motorcycles, big and small engines. Tested under heavy duty conditions from -40c to +70c degrees (-104F to +158F).

Ignition Cable

Bushings for suspension ™

Bushings in the suspension of the car have a purpose to isolate the body from the noise and vibrations generated while driving, and also to protect suspension components from wear at mounting points, provide their stable location and reliable connection to the car body. Forms of bushings are very diverse and depend on the design features of a particular brand of car. In contrast to the Bushings, bushings are not reinforced (with metal) elements - this significantly reduces the service life and makes them expendable.

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